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Federal and State Taxation Print E-mail

At Hughes & Bentzen, We work with our clients to discover their goals, we inform the client of their options and then we assist them completing a cost effective plan to achieve their goals. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of federal income, gift and estate taxation. Whether a client is starting a business, purchasing or selling an existing business or a client desires to protect assets or transfer wealth there are significant individual decisions which the client must make based on the client's goal. Many clients are not necessarily knowledgeable on all of the tax planning alternatives which are available or the legal documents required to meet their goals.

Many of Hughes & Bentzen's clients have achieved a certain level of success and want to start making provisions for their heirs or want to protect their assets from third-party creditors. Our goal for our clients is that they are aware of all planning tools available so that they have the options. In some cases, the best planning tool may be too restrictive or costly for our client's needs or they have some additional personal goals. We believe that tax planning should not dictate the client's decision; however, an informed client may choose an effective alternative which meets their goals and significantly reduces the client's tax liability.

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