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Legal representation of nonprofit entities requires detailed knowledge of United States tax laws and of state law regarding corporations, trusts or other entities.  For example, nonprofit corporations have many of the characteristics of regular corporations that require attention to detail and compliance with legal formalities, such as formation, registration, structure and administration.  Nonprofits formed as trusts must comply with applicable legal standards.   As many nonprofit entities are formed with an intent to afford tax deductions for donors’ gifts or to qualify for grants for charitable foundations, provisions the Internal Revenue Code and applicable regulations related to qualification, Our attorneys have substantial experience with assisting clients with receiving  tax exempt status.  In order to maintain its non-profit status or to avoid significant penalties, a nonprofit must navigate a myriad of operational complexities.  Finally, nonprofits are subject to all other areas of law that impact corporations, such as employment matters, tort liability, contracts, leases, copyrights and trademarks, and business matters in general.   

In addition to corporate, trust and tax law issues, legal representation of nonprofits requires subject matter specific knowledge.  For example, many charities perform key services, such as placing children for adoption, meeting physical and spiritual needs of impoverished people, providing skills to the unemployed, counseling and training in regard to interviewing for and keeping employment, and many, many other worthwhile and valued benefits to their clients and the community at large.   Each of these areas also involves a range of legal matters and concerns related specifically to the services provided by the nonprofit client.

Hughes & Bentzen attorneys have extensive experience in advising nonprofit corporations, foundations and charitable trusts, their respective officers, directors, trustees and boards.  This experience extends back over thirty-five years of representing and participating in many of the major charitable organizations in the Metropolitan D.C. Area and serving foundations that grant funds to support qualified charitable organizations.   Hughes & Bentzen attorneys have served the nonprofit community as trustees, directors, officers and/or legal counsel for numerous non-profit corporations and foundations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, Washington Waldorf School, Second Genesis, The Barker Foundation, the Washington Ballet, The John Edward Fowler Foundation, Junior Achievement of the National Capital Area, Washington Very Special Arts, and the Population Reference Bureau.

Hughes & Bentzen attorneys have the experience and range of legal skills needed to assist nonprofit organizations to become organized, to receive appropriate tax status, to be well administered and to counsel clients in regard to the range of legal issues facing all businesses in our current society. 


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