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Criminal defense is a specialized area of law. Because of our experience, we understand what criminal defendants are going through and we know how to get results. During the early stages, we develop strategies for defending your case. Early planning gives us a "jump" on the prosecution and gives us more time to conduct investigations, witness interviews and legal research. We also know how to convey to the courts that, as our client, you must be viewed as an individual – not as just another file number on their busy court calendar.

H&B trial attorneys are dedicated to the representation of our clients in criminal matters. We also have developed computerized research tools that provide quick access to all of the most current legal developments that will help us win cases and court decisions. Because our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients, we focus on developing your side of the story. Our efforts on your behalf may help you get out of jail with a bail reduction or an O.R. release. We work to help reduce penalties, fines, jail time, terms of probation and can request alternatives to probation. Finally, we sometimes file petition to expunge or seal records where appropiate.

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