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At Hughes & Bentzen, we prepare every case with the expectation that they will be tried to a verdict. Our seasoned litigators approach every matter in litigation knowing that, in order to prevail at trial, the extent of our preparation will be a critical factor. Correspondingly, our lawyers are also ready to assume the role as litigation counsel in emergency matters, such as tender offers and preliminary injunctions, which do not provide lawyers the luxury of a long discovery process. Likewise, Hughes & Bentzen is well equipped to assume responsibility on the eve of trial for cases that other firms have handled during the discovery stage.

Our trial lawyers have a history of achieving excellent success for our clients. We recognize that most cases do -- and should -- settle before they go to trial. However, because other law firms are well aware of our trial-oriented philosophy, Hughes & Bentzen and its clients send a clear message at the outset of a case that we are unafraid of trial and that settlement decisions will be guided by sound business considerations, not by the fear of trial.

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