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Problem Solving

In the area of Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights, the ability of H&B lawyers to quickly assess the problem and formulate a cost effective solution under very tight time pressures constitutes the most valuable benefit to the client. The lawyers of Hughes & Bentzen have more than thirty years experience in all types of bankruptcy and workout matters, from representing public company creditors and creditors’ committees in large, national bankruptcy cases to both creditor and debtor representation in small Chapter consumer cases. The firm's singular experience in both debtor and creditor cases of all types, uniquely positions Hughes & Bentzen to fulfill your needs. More importantly, Hughes & Bentzen understands the cost to both debtors and creditors of formal bankruptcy proceedings and can work effectively to resolve disputes before bankruptcy is required. The firm has most recently been active on the creditors’ committee of a large, multinational railway restructuring and represented the creditors’ committee in a complex oil and gas company restructuring in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Commercial Experience

Hughes & Bentzen can call on its years of experience in complex commercial transactions and real estate matters to handle almost any debtor-creditor dispute. Hughes & Bentzen's attorneys have handled complex bankruptcy matters in all three local jurisdictions, including Maryland, the District of Columbia and the Eastern District of Virginia, as well as jurisdictions across the country including California, Florida, Louisiana and New York. On the creditor side, Hughes & Bentzen has experience representing creditors in retail, construction, manufacturing and other commercial bankruptcies, as well as loan workouts. On the debtor side, Hughes & Bentzen works for an out of court resolution to avoid the burdens and costs of a formal bankruptcy. Lawyers at Hughes & Bentzen have been involved in negotiating workouts with banks, bonding companies and other secured lenders for over twenty years.  If bankruptcy becomes necessary, however, Hughes & Bentzen has the experience and expertise to assure the best possible outcome for its clients.

Litigation Expertise

When it comes to litigation in the bankruptcy context, Hughes & Bentzen has experienced litigators who are used to litigating within the tight time pressures of the bankruptcy arena and have a substantial knowledge of general litigation procedure as well as specific experience within the often confusing arena of the Bankruptcy Court. Additionally, the firm has had substantial experience in bankruptcy appeals in the metropolitan D.C. area, including appeals to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Most recently, Hughes & Bentzen successfully prosecuted objections to claims exceeding $2 Million in the Eastern District of Louisiana and successfully participated in a contested confirmation hearing to approve a complex oil and gas company restructuring of a publicly held company.

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