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Appellate advocacy is important to preserve a hard-won victory in a trial court or to seek reversal of an unfavorable lower court outcome.   The appellate process requires advocates with knowledge of appellate procedure, capacity to frame and preserve issues for consideration by the court and skills in written and oral advocacy.

Hughes & Bentzen attorneys have successfully represented clients in all local courts of appeal, including the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, the Maryland Court of Appeals and the Maryland Special Court of Appeals, the Virginia Supreme Court, and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.  The types of cases involve a wide range of matters, including Trusts, complex business disputes, white collar crimes, employment-related matters, personal injuries and litigation between individuals.

By combining substantive expertise in a broad range of legal practice areas with specialized knowledge of appellate practice and procedure, Hughes & Bentzen appellate attorneys will present your story in an effective and persuasive manner. Our appellate attorneys also try cases. Thus, they not only argue before courts of appeal, but they also know how to preserve error during the litigation process. Not only is each member of the appellate section experienced in the appellate process, but each attorney also has experience in a subset of the law which gives the client an attorney who is readily familiar with the legal issues involved in ever complex appellate litigation

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